PHONE: 330.730.5050There are limitless textures, sheens and colors when it comes to limestone plasters, venetians plasters, arcusstone, faux finishes and stucco.

  • 21 years of plastering experience
  • Free estimates
  • Any Sheen, texture, or color imaginable

Venetian/Limestone Environmental Facts

  • no toxins or off-gassing
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Absorbs excess humidity
  • Improves air quality
  • Naturally resistant to mold
  • Insulate heat and retains coolness
  • Superior longevity

We are an Akron, Canton and Cleveland Ohio Venetian Plaster, Arcusstone and Stucco Contractor

Plaster All Your Walls and Ceilings - Replace All Paint

Our lime and marble based products can be used in place of paint, wallpaper and almost anything else.  It can be applied in any sheen, texture or color on interiors and exteriors.  Our products are often referred to as lime plaster, lime stucco, marmorino, grassello or Venetian plaster.  Let your projects reach full potential.  Enjoy your space.  Enjoy our plasters.

It’s the same material used on buildings for thousands of years.  We want to make your home or office design beautiful, healthy and enjoyable.  Your walls should be covered in a natural mineral instead of a synthetic plastic.  We want your projects to be elegant and timeless, whether your style is traditional, contemporary and anything in between.  We make it easy and affordable to have the real thing on your surfaces.

Design your space to the fullest!  Plaster It!  Love It!

Our recent linestone, venetian, arcusstone and stucco work

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